Catering a private party in someone’s home or business is very rewarding. The intimacy allows you to create an experience that a restaurant can never achieve

Substantial cocktail style

Dishes are presented on small ceramic plates or bowls, or in disposable enviro-friendly plates or bowls for a more casual affair. This menu is best used in conjunction with our cocktail party menu

Please take the items on this list as a sample of our work only, contact us for our seasonal recommendations

$14.00 per person



Salad of roasted pumpkin and assorted grain salad, asparagus, spinach, feta

Roasted eggplant, mango and green shallot salad, soba noodles, soft herbs

Greek lamb salad ‘horiatiki’

Poached chicken and risoni salad, asparagus, pine nuts, currants, mint, marinated feta

Seared beef and green tea noodle salad, basil, sweet chilli



Moroccan meatballs, pasta shells, spiced tomato sauce

Thai red duck curry, jasmine rice, pineapple chutney, poppadums

Slow cooked pork medallions, colcannon potatoes, caramelised apple chutney

Spiced Moroccan beef, date and eggplant tagine, almond couscous, harissa yoghurt

Barramundi fillet, fennel and orange confit

Grilled lamb double cutlet, skordalia, agresto

Butter chicken, steamed basmati rice, coriander raita

Seared scallops, chorizo, tomato, smoked corn, jalapeno

Grilled kransky, sauerkraut, green beans, mustard

Reef fish and chips, tartare sauce, lemon

Chicken nuggets in chickpea crust, coleslaw, lime


Suggested quantities

1 hour cocktail party, 6 canapés

2 hour cocktail party, 8 canapés

3 hour cocktail party, 10 canapés

4 hour cocktail party, 11 canapés plus 2 substantial

5 hour cocktail party, 13 canapés plus 2 substantial